Pack 28 seeks volunteers for Popcorn Chair and Committee Chair

Pack 28 is seeking volunteers to serve in two important positions.

Contact Sarah Strasser at for more information or to volunteer.

POPCORN CHAIR: This position is very important to the pack. This helps pay for our activities and awards. We only have one fundraiser a year because of how well we do selling popcorn. We really need someone dedicated and organized to run this. Duties include:

  • Be an active committee member and regularly attend monthly committee meetings
  • Attends district meetings about Popcorn sales, dates, information
  • Plans and coordinates the Pack’s yearly popcorn sales, goals, prizes, etc. according to information from district
  • Plans and organizes the Popcorn kickoff activity for scouts with Cubmaster
  • Plans and coordinates popcorn canvassing including mapping out designated neighborhood areas for each Den
  • Responsible for totaling all popcorn sales and revenues
  • Responsible for ordering, collecting, and distributing popcorn orders for each Den
  • Ensures scouts get appropriate patches / awards for their popcorn sales
  • Facilitates popcorn disbursement to Den leaders
  • Reports to committee about the status of popcorn sales and related information

COMMITTEE CHAIR: This position helps keep our pack running smoothly. We need to be able to train someone to take over next year. If you are interested in this position and want to see all that Mrs. Strasser does to get a better understanding, please let her know. Duties include:

  • Responsible for making sure Pack is in compliance with BSA guidelines
  • Serve as the primary contact regarding Pack needs.
  • Attend monthly Roundtables to collect information and deliver it to the Committee
  • Conduct Fall planning meeting to develop a school year calendar of the Pack’s events
  • Develop an agenda and chair monthly committee meetings to plan and coordinate Pack activities
  • Conduct annual Bylaws meetings to review and/or revise the Pack By-Laws
  • Approve bills before payment by the pack treasurer
  • Work with the committee to insure a full slate of den leaders and committee members
  • Work with the Membership Chair to complete a Pack Roster
  • Complete the annual Pack Charter in compliance with District guidelines
  • Take care of the annual charter renewal