This Weekend’s Activities Oct 1st

Reminder this Saturday is the popcorn kick off. We would like all scouts in full uniform (shirt, neckercheif and slide). It will begin at 9 from Fairmount and we will be dispersing to sell in our designated areas by 9:30 at the latest. Afterwards I wanted to remind our scouts that there will be a Tiger/Cub Scout advancement day in the afternoon the information for this events is as follows:

This Saturday, October 1st, Boone Trails District volunteers and our District Boy Scout staff are looking forward to hosting this year’s Tiger Day – Cub Scout Advancement Day. The event will be held at Broemmelsiek Park, 12 noon to 6:00 pm. Check-in starts at 11:30 am. We hope that your Pack’s new scouts and family can attend. We would also like to invite any of your existing scouts who may not have experienced a Cub Scout Day Camp yet.

We have opened up the event this year so that your new Pack families can arrive and leave at any time. Scouts are free to pick whatever activities interest them the most. Some will be busier than others, which they can then move onto something else if they wish not to wait.

Parking (as usual) will be at a premium. Please consider carpooling with other families. We have a large shelter reserved for family picnicking. If any of your Pack families would like to pack a picnic lunch they are welcome to do so. We do ask that everyone practices “Leave No Trace” at the event. We have a great host in the St. Charles County Parks Department.

All scouts need to check-in first before proceeding to any of the activities. There is a $5 per scout register fee, which helps pay for the cost of the event. For more information please see the flyer on the District website at

The St. Charles County Parks Department informed us yesterday that they will be hosting a “Kids Bike Safety and Trail Riding” seminar at Broemmelsiek Park on Saturday as well. They would like for our Cub Scouts to participate. They will be teaching them the requirements to earn the Bicycling belt loop.

PLEASE NOTE: In order for a scout to participate he will need to bring his bicycle and safety helmet.

They will be starting earlier at 10:00 am and stopping around 2:00 pm. You may show up earlier than the 12 noon start time if you wish your scout to participate in the bicycle program. Do check-in at registration first. He will need his activity card to get credit for the belt loop.