New Times and Location for Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby will be held at Crosswinds Church at 2120 Parkway Dr. St. Peters.


Practice/Trial runs:
January 27th
7-9 PM at Crosswinds Church

Race Day:
January 28th
8-12 at Crosswinds Church

Webelos race begins @ 8am
Bear’s race begins @ 9am
Wolf’s race begins @ 10am
Tiger’s race begins @ 11am

Please show up 1/2 hour before your ranks race to register.

Please remember and remind your scout that we are guests at this church. Adults will be policing the area to ensure the scouts act appropriately.

Pack Meeting Jan 24th

Please note that we will be having a Pack Meeting on Jan. 24th.  Please report any belt loops or other awards to your den leaders by Jan. 18th.

NEW PACK BYLAWS – Please Review

The Pack 30 Committee met recently to update and refresh the Pack 30 Bylaws.  These will be voted on in the next Committee Meeting.  Please review these as soon as possible.

PACK 30 BYLAWS V.1 01-09-2012

Belt Loop For Jan. 2012 – Weather

The Pack is happy to announce the Belt Loop for January 2012 will be the Weather Belt Loop.  To be recognized for this achivement you and your child must:

1 – Complete the Weather Belt Loop worksheet LINK HERE

2 – Turn in your completed worksheet to you Den leader so it may be entered into the Pack Master Awards software.

3 – Remember our Motto, “Do Your Best”.  Each scout that does their best to complete the requirements for this Belt Loop will be award this achievement.

As a reminder the this is the only Belt Loop that the pack will be paying for at the Jan awards ceremony per our new awards policy.  All other belt loops will be purchased by the PACK and the money will be deducted from your scouts account.  More information on this new policy will be available at the Jan. PACK meeting (Pinewood Derby)

District Pinewood Derby Info

Feb 4th
Wentzville Christian Church
9:00 – 2:30

See Flyer for more information and rules

PACK 30 is going to the Blues Game!!!!

St. Louis Blues, Scout Games
Saturday, February 18th at 1:00 PM
Tickets are
$22 each Mezzanine Level
$45 each Plaza End/Blue Chip Low
Children ages 3 and above must have a ticket

Please DOWNLOAD this form and bring money to the Tuesday Nov. 15th PACK Meeting.

Attention all Dens!!! Get Ready for the 2nd Annual Variety Show!



December PACK MEETING Dec, 20th 7PM, Fairmount Cafeteria…

Sing a song, make people laugh, lick your elbow, tell a story, dance, show off karate skills…you
get the idea!

Each Den should plan to do at least one skit or song together and everyone is invited to show off their amazing, weird, funny talents. Sign up in advance with Stacey Rigger.

We will once again be collecting for Toys for Tots. Please bring a new unwrapped toy to donate.


Pack Meeting Tonight, Tuesday, Oct 25th

Please do not forget the pack meeting tonight,  7PM Fairmount.

This Week ~ Oct 24-30

We wanted to  remind everyone that popcorn order are due Oct. 27, and the goal for each scout is $250.00 in popcorn sales.  However, we are Cub Scouts and encourage our scouts to just “Do Their Best”.  You can turn in your order forms and money early at the pack meeting this Tuesday night (7PM Fairmount).  Otherwise, please arrange  with your den leader to have it turned in by Thursday the 27th.
Also at Tuesday night’s pack meeting we will be collecting recharter dues of 45.00 (60.00 with boys life) for the 2012 year.  If you just joined, your recharter dues have already been paid as part of the initial sign up fees.
We will also have T shirt order forms available and will be taking orders at the pack meeting.
T shirts are:
15.00 (2.00 extra for 2xl and up)
Hooded sweat shirts are:
25.00 (2.00 extra for 2xl and up)
Last but not least on Sat Oct 29th we will be having a trunk or treat at Fairmount from 7-9 PM and costumes encouraged,and the whole family is welcome.  Each den will be supplying one trunk for the kiddos, but anyone who would like to participant and use their trunk as additional stops we would love it.  The more the merrier.  In addition each den should supply the candy for their trunks.  Should be fun……

Pack 30 Now Has Voice Mail

Pack 30 has setup a Voice Mail box using Google Voice.  This number is meant as an additional communicate tool to reach out to the Pack Committee/Leadership for any messages or information needed.  Additionally, if the Pack has a weekend activity such as the car wash that was recently cancelled, a committee leader will leave a “rain out” message on this line.  The new number is (636) 486-6538.